Robyn Roth
actor, singer, vigilante




appearing live:

Comedy Sportz on saturday nights

jailbirds: an improvised parody of Orange is the new black

Stardom: an improvised dance-ical that takes place in a high school for dance and

neon improv cigarette: miami a parody of dramatic 80s shows like miami vice

at Comedy sportz - 733 seward, near Melrose and vine

reviews for my part as rikki in the musical comedy

the real drunk housewives of the san fernando valley:

"In particular, tipsy former child star Rikki (Robyn Roth) deserves her own spin-off show. Tripping across the stage with a champagne glass in hand, stumbling over her words, and continually losing her train of thought, Roth’s bold character choices and impeccable comedic timing inject a great deal of improvisatory life into the show."

-Stage and Cinema

"Robyn Roth (Rikki) is the stand-out here, turning in a too-accurate portrayal of a former child star turned hopeless alcoholic.  Playing drunk is hard enough; Roth maintains a consistent level of stage-drunkenness that adds to and doesn't distract from her performance."

-Mad Theatrics

“Robyn Roth demonstrates knockout timing as Rikki, a former child star...”

-Arts in L.A.

Name: Robyn Roth

Sign: Aquarius

Location: L.A.


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Robyn Roth’s Reel

Hello there. About me:
I’m Robyn Roth. 
I’ve lived in Los Angeles                          my whole life and have been singing, dancing and                        acting since childhood.                                    I have a B.A. in Theatre                              from Cal State Northridge and                                              years of classical voice training. (I                                              come from a family of opera singers)                                              I have been a member of the improv                                    troupe Comedy Sportz since I graduated                          from college and I perform regularly with                              them at The National Comedy Theater. Currently,                     I am appearing in a                   live parody of the ‘80s TV                        show, Fame, called                  Stardom. I’ve performed in                    many  theatrical productions and favorite roles               include Eva Peron In Evita, Nina in The Seagull and             Charity in Sweet Charity. Recently, I portrayed a drunk             reality show housewife in the musical The Real Drunk          Housewives of the San Fernando Valley and                          received rave reviews (please scroll down to                         read them). I was also one of the founding members                    of renowned Channel 101, a monthly digital short                         festival. I still enjoy shooting and editing                           digital comedy shorts.

 Thanks for stopping by and reading a bit about me! Love!
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as rikki, the housewife